Canon EF 70-300mm 4.0-5.6 IS USM - Richard Goiser

Canon EF 70-300mm 4.0-5.6 IS USM

Nice lens with great value for money. I don´t do lots of tele-shooting so it´s an adequate lens for me. Not too expensive, very good image quality, lightweight. Nevertheless it´s build quality and the moving (rotating and extending) tube don´t really convince. I recently compared it with the (pretty outdated) Canon 100-400 L lens which was much sharper and showed much more contrast. I don´t need that 100-400 but this comparison makes me thinking about replacing it by the new Canon EF 70-200 f4 L IS USM (if only…)

BTW: When I got it, it suffered (like all of it´s series) from the “portrait issue”. I sent it to Canon Europe for repair: nothing to complain, good service.