Canon EOS 20D - Richard Goiser

Canon EOS 20D

Being sick of slow compact cam´s I finally went D-SLR.

At the time I bought the 20D it was already about to be replaced by the 30D. I didn´t care and even now, 2 years and 2 generations later, I see no reason to upgrade. Decent speed, decent resolution, decent feature set, great reliability – what more can you ask for? I rather prefer to spend my money on lenses.

Supplement: in October 2008 I upgraded to the 50D but I´ll keep this one as second body.

Supplement2: in November 2014 I gave the camera to my sister. She has an expensive underwater housing which only fits the 20D, so she has good use for a backup, while I only once used a 2-body setup in years.