Sony DSC-R1 - Richard Goiser

Sony DSC-R1

This camera looked like being a major revolution. It was the first compact cam (or better say: non-SLR) to feature a “big” sensor, thus with usable ISO 800+. It had a terrific Carl Zeiss lens and it´s image quality was indeed on par with good DSLRs with very good lenses.
Nevertheless it was a huge disappointment! It´s AF was ridiculously slow and unreliable. Never produced so many out-of-focus pics before. It was also the first cam which had a significant shutter lag even when the object was already in focus and shutter was half pressed.
I even purchased the external flash, hoping I could use it for continous shootings, but was disappointed again, since continous shooting wasn´t supported with flash.

Only used it for 2-3 weeks and sold it straight away.